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Dental Solutions of Highland offers cosmetic dentistry services and dental implants. We also do porcelain veneers, restorative dentistry work and teeth whitening in kingston ny. From Zoom teeth whitening to All-on-4 implants, we use the latest techniques and technology to give you the best service possible. Please ask us any questions you have about what we can do for your oral health. We're here to help.


Our office is capable of doing crowns, including non-metal crowns. We also are equipped to do root canals when needed. If you are trying to straighten out your teeth, we can also equip you with the means to address any issues you may have with your smile.


We understand that many of our patients suffer from anxiety when it comes to dental visits. Please don't hesitate to ask us about inhalation sedation and oral sedation options. We are happy to extend them to you when appropriate. Your comfort is important to us.



family dentistry highland ny

Our family dentistry highland ny dental emergencies need to be handled rapidly to increase the probability of saving the tooth. The members of our family dentistry highland ny team are trained to handle dental emergencies, and we are available to supply relief as well as ensure you obtain the punctual therapy you need.Your comfort as well as assurance is as important to us as your oral wellness in family dentistry highland ny. If you experience a dental emergency situation, please contact Dental solutions of Highland

Teeth Whitening in Highland NY

Extreme pain indicates a serious problem and should be dealt with immediately with teeth whitening in highland ny. Toothache pain might be the result of a lost filling; decayed, split, or busted teeth; or advanced periodontal condition. A bump on your gum tissue might indicate that your tooth is sore and needs origin root canal treatmentfor teeth whitening in highland ny. Ice bag put on and off the area at 20-minute intervals will supply some relief up until you reach our office for teeth whitening in highland ny.